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Hi there I’m Natalie and I’m the lettering artist and calligrapher behind @threeologie. I’ve been working as a full time creative for 4 years now and when I first started with lettering I thought, “How can I possibly make this into a business?!” and secondly, “How can I get really good at lettering?” So these were the questions I asked myself 4 years ago and the reason why I’ve created my very first Online E-Course!

When I first started lettering I just grabbed whatever tools I had and started making fun creative letters. I wasn’t very good when I first started as you can see with this photo on the left. At the time I had wished there was something out there that could help me get started. Now 4 years later I’ve learned so much about lettering that I know it’s time to share that knowledge with you.

My Lettering 4 years ago!

“I’ve created this course for anyone that’s interested in learning more about handlettering. In this course I teach you my very own handlettering fundamentals. These are my go to techniques that I use with all my lettering.”

My Lettering 4 Years Later! Can you see the difference?

My Lettering 4 Years Later! Can you see the difference?

In this course you will Learn:

  • Dimension: Different ways I create the illusion of dimension for my letters

  • Texture: Techniques I use to make letters look like they have texture

  • Shadow + Shade: The ways I give my lettering shadow and shade

  • Highlight: Techniques I incorporate into my work give my letters more character

  • Pop: How I add details to and around my lettering to make it pop!

Some bonus material that I teach:

  • One of my Lettering Styles from A to Z

  • My entire Process from start to finish

Plus! I’ll show you some of my favorite tools I recommend for lettering.

The largest part of this course is my lettering style portion. The reason I’ve included this is because I’ve seen a lot of tutorials online for lettering but the problem with lettering is you can’t just teach someone how to letter but you can give the tools to help someone improve on their own lettering style. By providing you step by step instruction on how I create one of my lettering styles I will show you how I build letters using shapes and strokes. From my experience lettering is just a combination of shapes and strokes. And what better way to teach you than to show you how I do it?!

So it’s taken me 2 months to complete this course but it is finally available for purchase! AND guess what?! I’ve decided to extend my 20% OFF Discount!

USE CODE: EARLYBIRD20 to receive 20% OFF the course! My gift to you :)

Hope to see you there!

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