My Top 5 Tips for Pencil Lettering

Last week I started the Pencil Lettering Challenge on Instagram and so far it’s already been a blast seeing everyone’s work and participation. For this weeks prompt I thought it would be helpful to include My Top 5 Tips for Pencil Lettering. So whether you are taking the challenge or just find it is difficult to create clean lines with a pencil then these tips will be super helpful! I can definitely say that I’ve struggled with creating a clean composition with just a pencil. But luckily I’ve already worked out a lot of the kinks that come with pencil lettering and I would love to share those with you. Woo woo!

My Top 5 Tips for Pencil Lettering

1) Lightly sketch your final design first: So once you’ve decided on your layout, composition, and how you want your final lettering to look, very lightly sketch it out on your paper


2) Work from the top down: During your lettering process start from the top and work your way down to a final design. Don’t move to a new section until you’ve finalized a section above.


3) Add strokes to your letters: When you are creating letters and or shapes I recommend creating a clear line that surrounds that shape. Once you’ve outline fill in the shape!


4) Pressure is your friend: An easy way to make your lettering look more refined is to use pressure! Apply more pressure to darken letters and apply less pressure to make lighter letters.


5) Protect your work: Keep a clean piece of paper nearby and use it as a barrier between your lettering and your hand. This will protect your lettering and prevent smudges!


6) Make your own tip! Can’t wait to see everyone’s work and tips they come up with!

Pressure is Your Friend! Apply more pressure to give your letters a cleaner look!

Pressure is Your Friend! Apply more pressure to give your letters a cleaner look!


Natalie Avalos