MY projects

I offer many design services including: web design, mobile app design, logo design, icon design, invitation design and much more.

CONTENT: Web + Mobile Graphics

I work on creating Spotify album art for The Infatuation’s monthly playlist. I created this piece entirely in Photoshop

CONTENT: Web Design

Designed the entire Urbano website while collaborating with the developer and client.

CONTENT: Poster + Invitation Design

This was a pretty large project for The Infatuation. I worked directly with the Creative Director to create the invite, posters, stickers and menu design. He gave me a direction and I ran with it.

CONTENT: Social Media Assets

I work seasonally with X League Nation to create all of their social media assets, t-shirt designs, posters, and much more for each of their basketball seasons.

CONTENT: Sticker + Handlettering Design

Here I worked with Neon Retro Arcade to create a new sticker for their arcade. They wanted a mix of colors and a feel of fun. I lettered the whole design and vectorized it in illustrator and adding texture to it in Photoshop.

CONTENT: Icon Design

This is from a series of icons and illustrations I created for an Education Company.

CONTENT: Logo Design

Here is a little look into my logo creation and how I deliver various designs but try to keep the same look and feel. This is for LA House Story. Not the final logo.

CONTENT: Print Collateral

I created all the icons for a place-mat for an event The Infatuation was having with American Express. All created in Illustrator and print ready.

CONTENT: Mobile UI App Design

Worked on creating and designing the entire app for Travel-Break. This was the first round of designs to send off to investors. They got the investment!

CONTENT: Logo Design

Created a simple iconic look for Macro Builder. All created in Illustrator.

CONTENT: Handlettering

I worked on creating a handlettered design for inspiration. I sketch out my ideas and they take it to Illustrator for digitizing. Printed on a large poster paper.

CONTENT: Mobile App Design

I revised and updated an old design for a word application. His original design needed an upgrade so we worked together on making the design pop a bit more.

CONTENT: Handlettering + Poster Design

Again working with the Infatuation and some creative direction I took a rough sketch of this map and updated the design. Some of the original handlettering I kept like Bar Bould, Shake Shack, Carbone and a few more. But the rest I mostly re-did and made improved on the lettering.

CONTENT: T-Shirt Design

One of the t-shirt designs I created for X League Nation.

CONTENT: Logo Design

After working with Cinexin Studios on their first logo they hired me to created another logo for their second company CABN Collective. This is the first round of iterations we ended up with the new more simplistic logo on the right.

CONTENT: Print Collateral (Poster)

Here I handlettered the main title and vectorized it in Illustrator. This was created for the SXSW Event and was printed on large posters, flyers, and stickers.

CONTENT: Invitation Design

Worked on the design for invitations for The Infatuation’s Happy Hour events. This is just one in the series. Used Photoshop and Illustrator.

CONTENT: Web Design

I worked with Lemando, their team and a developer to create the website design. There were a lot of hurdles in dealing with the banks but we were able to make it work!

CONTENT: Logo Design

I worked with Cinexin Studios to create the logo for their new art production studio. They wanted a hint of their past hence the old disney camera toy.

CONTENT: Icon Design  A few concepts and ideas for an icon I worked on for an app

CONTENT: Icon Design

A few concepts and ideas for an icon I worked on for an app

CONTENT: Logo Design

Final CABN Collective Logo

CONTENT: Handlettering

I was featured on Instagram for Business Page for my lettering!


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