Tools for handlettering + calligraphy


Here are a few of the tools I highly recommend for creating beautiful handlettering and calligraphy! I use these tools all the time when I’m creating some of my work!

2018-08-02 09.02.27-2.jpg

Posca Markers

I love to use these paint markers for my handlettering. The colors look amazing on paper and really make your work pop!


Yasutomo Ink

This is the ink I use for all my calligraphy workshops! I love how smooth it goes on the paper.


HP Premium Paper

If you’re looking for a fairly cheap paper to use for Calligraphy this is what I use. It’s premium paper so your ink won’t bleed!

Envelope Calligraphy.jpg

metallic paint

I use the Coliro Metallic and Gold Watercolor Paint pan for all my envelope addressing. The colors look amazing.


angora watercolors

I’ve only used one type of watercolor set and that is the Angora Watercolor Pan set. I love the way the colors turn out on paper and it’s fairly cheap to purchase!


blackwing pencils

Pencils are actually really important if you want the right effect. I love blackwing pencils because they are super smooth and produce really great lines.


the original lettermate

Ever wonder how I keep my lines so straight when addressing envelopes? I use the Lettermate! It’s small and compact and makes addressing envelopes super easy!

Screenshot (22).png

Sakura brush pens

I use the Sakura Brush pens in black and in different colors to create quick + clean lettering on the go. This type of lettering can be done quickly!