Let’s explore the lovely art of calligraphy

Are you ready to learn some calligraphy? Calligrapher and lettering artist, Natalie Avalos, will give a group personal instruction on the fundamentals of Calligraphy. In our workshops you will learn basic strokes, techniques, alphabet, and how to take proper care of your tools.


Calligraphy Kits

You’ll receive your own calligraphy kit to take home and practice. Each kit includes 2 nibs, an oblique pen holder, a straight pen holder, an inkwell, a bag for your tools, and an instructional guide.

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Light Refreshments

We provide light refreshments, appetizers and cupcakes for our workshops. We like to make sure we have some tasty treats you can snack on while your receiving instruction.


Hands On Instruction

Calligrapher and lettering artist, Natalie, will give you hands on instruction throughout a workshop. Whether it be calligraphy or lettering she is very attentive with all of her students.


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